With this blog I hope to initiate a conversation centering around my new book, Destination Tent City, AZ.

This book is an “as told to” account of a young woman’s horrific two years after receiving a DUI. By writing it, I hoped to turn her ordeal into a positive experience. Although we can all agree that drinking and driving is dangerous and must be stopped, we should be debating the severity of the penalties; our present system is so punitive that it often leaves offenders completely crushed and therefore more likely to re-offend; they simply have nothing left to lose. I do not believe that the woman who told me her story will ever drink and drive again. I’m willing to bet she’s one of the exceptions. If we really want to help problem drinkers and alcoholics and prevent them from driving under the influence in the future, why are we throwing them in prison over one infraction? We should at least ensure that our primary goal isn’t filling the state’s coffers by keeping its prisons occupied.

I look forward to hearing and discussing your thoughts and suggestions about this controversial subject. Have you or a friend or family member had a DUI, and if so, what was that experience like?  What are the DUI laws like in your state?


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