Praise for Destination Tent City, AZ

“Each year thousands of Americans are killed by alcohol-impaired driving. This must-read will help you understand how the book’s subject lost her life too—following a casual Sunday drive.”
—Kenneth Sharp, Host, Ridin’ Dirty, The Radio Show

“I loved the book and couldn’t put it down. Reading it is a white-knuckle experience; you have to keep turning the pages. This is a must-read for anyone facing DUI charges, because it demystifies the unknown. It takes courage to tell a story like this one.”
— Shannon Madden, MC, LPC (Licensed Professional Counselor)

“Highly readable … The descriptions of events, places, feelings, etc., are well described, making you feel like you were there.”
—John McFarland, Arizona DPS Officer

“As a 120-day ‘survivor’ of Tent City, I can honestly recommend this book to anyone who is about to face this personal challenge.  Your friends and family should read it as well—its insights into the emotional torment one faces while inside is spot-on.”
—“Gloria,” one of the characters in the book


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